“To judge a man by his weakest link or deed is like judging the power of the ocean by one wave.” 

This is literary my favourtie thing ever

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alright so when Ashton’s iMessage got leaked, I wasn’t going to text him at all because it’s completely disrespectful (it’s an invasion of person space) but last night I saw that “ashtonkeepcuttingyouretrash” and “ArianatorsWantAshtonDead” was starting to trend on Twitter. I immediately started to worry that the 5SOSFam and us Directioners would get it trending because we kept tagging it to rant about it. so with the fear that Ashton would find it, I sent him a really long iMessage explaining how much he meant to me and what he’s done for me. I woke up this morning to him replying telling me that he loved me and I’ve never been more happy in my life. Ashton Irwin is one of the most amazing people on this earth. he’s so pure, so genuine and so caring. so full of hope. please don’t try to break him down, because I will always pick him back up but there’s only so much fans can do. please don’t take my superhero from me.

thank you for this <3



what if u woke up and ur fav fictional character was snuggled next to u and they were like “good morning”

nemo.. you cant be here.. your dad will be worried sick

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